Bewildering ads featuring incoherent men
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I'm searching for commercials featuring a very specific aesthetic: grown men, overcome with Feelings about Something Profound, mumbling incoherently to themselves. To sell things. Because commercialism. The ad should be played completely straight; no wink to the camera. Two very recent examples linked below.

Dior - Sauvage (featuring Johnny Depp burying jewelry in a desert)
Lincoln Motor Co (Matthew McConaughey mumbling at a bull)

If you have to ask why I'd be interested in seeing more of this weird shit, we cannot be friends.
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Chanel No 5 with Brad Pitt
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I think the Chrysler superbowl ads from a few years ago - with Eminem, and with Clint Eastwood - are rare examples of this not being entirely ridiculous.
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The Obsession ads from the 1980s have overly serious men, but also overly serious women.
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