What ergonomic lounge chair should I buy?
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I am interested in buying an ergonomic lounge chair for my living room, and I am wondering what kind I should get. I am tempted by Ekornes Stressless recliners, but I am wondering if there are better, perhaps more affordable, options. What do you recommend? Any tips would be most appreciated.
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Several years ago, while pregnant, I asked this grumpy question. In the end, I ended up getting this cheap knock-off of an Ekornes Stressless. It's held up very well through three years and one move and is the comfiest chair in my house. I suspect that in a different setting, it would scream "bachelor furniture!" but I have a sheepskin thrown over it which gives it a slightly more ikea-ish look and my mid-mo loving friends have often complimented it and assumed it's real vintage. There are actually a lot of rip-offs of Ekornes. Looking through the suggestions on amazon should find you some.
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Have a look at the IKEA Poang chair and ottoman. Cheap but very comfortable.
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