Tutti Frutti Face
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Can you help me identify this bit by a comedian? It played on a local comedy station (Funny1260 AM in Phoenix) yesterday morning around 9:00 AM. It sounded like an old school comedian because he rolled his "R"s like an old timey orator, and the bit was about how he compared his wife to the delicious things in life; her face was a tutti frutti, delicious cuts of meat, desserts.

I didn't catch his full name, but I think the first name was Victor. It was not Victor Borge, he didn't have the Danish accent.

I checked their website, but they do not have a playlist.
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If nobody here can help you, I'd recommend emailing the station. Since you know the time and date, someone can probably go into their system and look it up.
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Sounds like it could be Lord Buckley, but I haven't heard that specific bit.
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