What to do in or near Fort Collins, CO
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I'll be in Fort Collins for the next week and a half, which means I'll have a free weekend (6/25-26). I'm alone, and I'm not a beer fan, so brewery tours are not advised. I have a rental car, so I can travel a bit. Any suggestions for fun things to do?
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A few uncategorized ideas:

* Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
* Odell's Patio. Yes it's a brewery, but they have great food trucks every day, it's an amazing outdoor area to chill and read a book.
* We have rent-a-bike stations around old town now. A great set of dedicated bike paths around town.
* There's about a billion hiking trails within driving distance. In or out of Rocky Mountain National Park.
* Estes is cute, it has the Stanley Hotel, which is "the hotel" from The Shining. Apparently they finished their hedge maze. Their main street is a good hour or two of shopping, and there's just so much outdoors.
* If you drink, just prefer not beer, The Social is an underground "speakeasy" bar in old town that makes really interesting drinks. I like the smoked-tea Old Stogie. Also great pretzels. Gets busy on weekend nights.
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There is an excellent escape room Somewhere Secret.. The downtown is beautiful and easy to walk around.

There is a restored Trolley.

East is the grand Pawnee Grasslands, and there are Missile Silos

Estes Park is beautiful, and there are many small trails in Rocky Mountain National Park.

It's about an hour to Denver, with the Art Museum(s), Nature & Science museum, Railroad Museum.
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Do you like candy?
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Further away, we drove out to Boulder and visited UCAR for some geeky educational fun in a unique building, and did the Celestial Seasonings Tea Tour (the mint room is fabulous).
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Lory State Park has a nice hike up to a big rock. (You're at a chunk of elevation, though).

It appears to be on fire right now though
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I lived in the Fort Collins area for 9 years -- it is beautiful.

If you like mountains at all, I highly recommend you check out Rocky Mountain National Park. Trail Ridge Road takes you above 13,000'. Bear Lake is a nice 0.6 mile nature hike around a gorgeous lake. If you feel like hiking farther, Mills Lake is very scenic as well. If you're really adventuresome and an experienced hiker/scrambler, you can climb Longs Peak.

Have a great trip!
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If you like Chinese food, head over to Elizabeth and Shields and try Tiger Lily. Best orange chicken I have ever tasted and they also have delicious boba tea.
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If I were there, I would go snoop around radio station WWV. I hear they don't give tours anymore, which is a shame.
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