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I tried connecting my hose to my shower and something is Wrong.

So I got a regular garden hose on Amazon and used a bushing like this one (I don't recall the sizes off the top of my head) to connect it to my shower. It sort of works, but water is shooting out from where the bushing/hose connects to the shower. I'm obviously doing something wrong but now sure what.

I've tried both completely removing the showerhead and just connecting it straight to the pipe and unscrewing part of the showerhead (the hose and head comes off but leaves the connector on) and both times same thing: water goes down the hose and comes out the other end, but also shoots out from where the connection.

Any ideas?
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Garden hoses use rubber or silicone washers, have you tried that? Maybe make it one quarter turn past hand tight using a pair of pliers.
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Did you put any pipe tape on there? Get a roll of teflon tape (a couple bucks in the plumbing section at any hardware store will get you a lifetime supply) and wrap a couple turns of it around the male threads of each connection. It'll seal things up tight. Brass on brass will sometimes seal tightly on its own, but not always. Brass on steel is more likely to need some pipe tape (and isn't a great idea in the long term, due to galvanic corrosion, but that's a separate issue). Either way that's the first thing I'd try. You could also get some o-rings and try putting them in there (one on each side of the bushing) and that might do the trick, but I'd try taping it first.

The other possibility is that your threading is wrong and/or you've cross-threaded the connection. If that's the case then it will never seal, and you may have damaged the threads in the process of trying to put it together. If it turned smoothly and easily as you were assembling the fitting though (as in you should have been able to turn it easily with your fingers except at the end) then that probably isn't your problem.
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You absolutely need teflon tape and maybe a washer or two. This is a $1.25 fix. Be careful not to overtighten anything.
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Are you sure you have the right connector? The one you link to is 3/4 NPT (National Pipe Thread) and you need 3/4 Garden Hose Thread. Otherwise, teflon tape on the shower side and a washer inside the end of the hose.
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I'm not sure, actually. The connector screws on and off smoothly and easily on both ends; would it do that if it was NPT instead of garden hose thread?
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I don't think it would screw on nicely if it was NPT, but it is worth checking. 3/4" NPT should have somewhere around 8-10 threads, while garden hose will generally have 4-5, so you should be able to tell them apart pretty easily.
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This adapter has both NPT and garden hose thread, for a visual comparison.
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Nthing the pipe tape. Wrap it in the same direction that you'll be screwing the adaptor in ... in.
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