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I want to buy a diary

Want to buy a diary/notebook with at least 300 pages and longer than the 8.5x11 inch. I have a fascination with stationary and the standard stuff in stores might do but broadening my choice here with your suggestions. Basically a fat diary with a pen holder or something to take notes. Pretty is good but a good mix of function and form together.
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By "longer than 8.5x11" do you mean legal sized? I have seen sketch diaries bigger than letter sized, but most journals I've seen have been smaller. (But I'm not sure I understand your size requirements.)
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This unlined sketchbook is somewhat larger in area than a standard notebook, and has 600 pages.

Here is Jetpens' guide to standard paper sizes that might be useful as you consider what you want -- and Jetpens is a good place to look for notebooks.

If you find a notebook that you like and it has no clip for a pen, you can buy one separately.

You might also want to ask over at /r/notebooks.
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paperblanks are the most beautiful notebooks ever. My favourites are the medieval bible replicas. they often have shaped cover fold-overs, foil designs, pockets, and amazing details.
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Some things it would help to know:
- Do you want lined or blank paper?
- Do you want the book to lie flat when the pages are open?
- How much longer than 11 inches? You'll be able to find sketchbooks in 9 x 12 for sure.

You might do some looking on etsy where you can find this kind of thing-- 9 x 10.5, blank pages, cool recycled cover. If you find something that you like but it's just not enough pages, the artist may be open to pm requesting a similar item with more pages. It may help to search on "journal" instead of "diary," at least for etsy.
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A hardcore but interesting option would be to design your own custom diary and use an online book-printing service like Lulu to create one for you every year.
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You can buy adhesive pen loops separately at amazon, so don't allow the lack of a pen loop to stop you from buying an otherwise acceptable journal.

I gravitate towards smaller journals than you do, but I've been very happy with my LEUCHTTURM after I switched from Moleskine due to declining paper quality. I personally use the 5x8ish dot grid notebook, but they offer a fairly gigantic Master Notebook that's A4 (8.86 X 12.40) and has 233 pages.
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Depending on where you are, you might have a local book binder who could make something custom for you. (If you live near Boston, contact the North Bennet St. School and ask about alumnis of their fantastic bookbinding program.)

Something quite doable would be an outer cover with whatever kind of closure you like with a replaceable book block (a trimmed and sewn together block of pages) that you would slip into the cover and replace with a fresh one when you run out of pages. It would be much easier if you wanted unlined paper. You could wrap each filled book block with a ribbon and stick it on a shelf and feel fancy.
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