Looking For Cool Practical Apps.
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It is a very general question. I am looking for cool practical apps for my smartphone. Apps along the lines of YP, MiMoment, etc. Price comparisons, shopping, weather apps...What apps do you use for your daily duties? I am a writer/fashion designer/yogi/farmer's market junkie. Random suggestions are fine.
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Android, iOS, or something else?
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I use Sleep Cycle every night, used to use Thyme for cooking timers before Alexa moved in, F.lux on my jailbroken iPhone, but that's not necessary anymore, I think. Paprika for recipes. You might want to check out IFTTT to see if you want to dive down that rabbit hole.
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Stuff I use on my phone once a week or so, depending on the season:
CAIC (Avalanche Forecasting)
Open Snow (Detailed Skiing-Focused Snow Forecasts)
Amazon Shopping
Epic Mix (Tracking vertical feet at CO resorts)
Amazon Music
Riverflows.net (stream flows)
Podcast Addict (Podcasts)
Backcountry Navigator (USGS Maps and Satnav)
Google Maps
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A couple I really like:

Sky Map

Terra Time

I use TerraTime as my background and as a system clock widget.
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I like forecast.io for usually accurate and unusually specific weather forecasting "light rain starting in 17 minutes, stopping 20 minutes later".
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I like to listen to rain sounds when I go to sleep, so I listen to Spotify and use a Sleep Timer App to turn it off after a few hours. I also use Night Mode App to dim my phone screen at night as I find even the lowest setting on my phone is blinding at night.

I play Yoga DVDs on my phone using Hoopla App, which is a free rental service through my library.
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I live and die by Google Keep.
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Down Dog yoga app is fairly new and it is wonderful! You can choose the sequence type (restorative/flow, beginner/intermediate - advanced is coming in the future), time (15-70 minutes), pace and music (or no music). The app is really well done, looks sophisticated, and their routines are varied even if you choose the same combo of options that I mentioned. It's also free, which is pretty amazing considering the quality.
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Business Calendar for scheduling my life.
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Mindbody helps you find yoga, fitness, other wellness activities close to you. Any.do is a good listmaking app which allows you to share with another person.
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MyRadar for tracking storms and telling me when to wait to take my dog on a walk without getting soaked.

Run Pee. Tells you the best times to go to the bathroom at the movies and what you missed while you were gone.

Pinterest. General time wasting and day dreaming. Great recipes too.

Tides Near Me for picking the best times for my beach walks.

Texture. Monthly pay service for a dozens and dozens of popular magazines. Better for an iPad, but I use it on my iPhone sometimes. You can also clip articles and save and categorize them for looking at later. I clip a lot of recipes this way.
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To box...I have android
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I use the RetailMeNot app to check for coupons when I am out shopping.
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Paprika for recipe storage
Dark Skies for hyper-local weather prediction
Google Hangouts for free phone calls on WiFi to US phone numbers
Citymapper for public transport
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I use two conversion apps to cover my unit conversion needs.

Convert~the unit calculator (Apple) is a great interface that converts between all types of units, and is simple to use.

Kitchen Calculator Pro (Apple) converts kitchen measurements. Not only can it tell you how many teaspoons are in a gallon, it can convert US-style recipe amounts which are measured by volume to European-style amounts measured in mass. It is glorious.
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Looks like both of those are available on Apple only, sorry. But I did see a plethora of similar apps in Google Play.
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A also just discovered Google Keep. List-making apps are very personal but for me it works well.
Snapseed for editing photos.
White Noise, for napping
Radio Paradise, great, eclectic, commercial free internet radio station
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Overcast for podcasts and weather underground for very accurate weather!
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Soundhound to identify tunes!
Twilight to kill the white light when you wanna mess around with your phone in the evening and don't want to squint into a blazingly bright screen
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Tunity for listening to a TV in a crowded room or bar.
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Try to think of functions that you'd like: I put the names of the apps in parenthesis because several of them have extremely generic names.

Need a separate alarm or timer? (Stopwatch and Timer)

Know the weather and see the radar (Arcus)?
learn definition of a word while reading a book? (colordict);

record some hilarious audio going on in the background or take your own verbal notes (tapemachine, voice recorder).

Identify what music is being played in the background (Soundhound, Shazam). (each cost around $5 and very comparable to another)

Transfer files from your phone to your computer (Wifi File Transfer Pro) - it's $2-3).
Take public transit a lot?
depends on your local agency, some cities have apps, others have APIs I use (Transit).

Find the cheapest gas (gasbuddy).

Listen to podcasts? (Podcast and Radio Addict)

How are you with your finances? Do you track every transaction? If so, how? Like to know how much is in your bank account at any time? I use (Ynab). (Mint) is another.

Drive a lot and want to find quickest route? (google maps, waze, mapquest, Scout).. each have different UIs and similar functions).
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