Pregnancy Blogs - Emphasis on Running
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Looking for blogs with weekly updates on pregnancy and running.

I'm early in a very much wanted pregnancy and as a runner am finding it very helpful and interesting to read the experiences of others, preferably in a week-by-week throughout pregnancy format. I'm not interested in reading single articles or recommendations on exercising while pregnant; what I enjoy about reading blogs is the ability to observe each woman's individual journey as it unfolds over the course of nine months instead of a postpartum summary.

Running, specifically trail running, is my primary area of interest. Nine-month blogs of other forms of exercising while pregnant are also interesting but not as personally relevant.

Can ya'll share any recommendations?
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I struggled to find something like that while pregnant. I found a subreddit called fit pregnancy or something.

I will warn you that I was very intent on running through my pregnancy until I developed pelvic girdle pain or symphysis pelvic dysfunction in my second trimester. To give you an indication of my pre-pregnancy fitness level, in 2015 before getting pregnant, I ran three half marathons and be ten miler. By the beginning of my third trimester, I could barely finish walking a 5K. So while you're into running, I'd think of other activities that you could do.
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Runner's World has a subsection on pregnant running. Good luck!
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Sweetmiles -- A running and lifestyle blog

I searched for "pregnancy walking blogs" and got a number of hits. When I had a fitness magazine subscription I recall reading articles about pregnant runners taking it down a notch to walking. So you might have more luck looking for blogs for pregnant walkers.
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Pregnant yoga is huge! Because even if you feel terrible, you can stretch a bit and it helps your pains near the end. And if you're having a good day/month you can work harder in the same yoga workout class/video/personal program.

Nthing that I was incredibly fit before getting pregnant, and moved quite quickly into lying on the couch. Some people are not as exhausted as others, but I'd try to keep your expectations low.
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The Hungry Runner Girl blogged about running throughout the pregnancy of her daughter starting back in March 2012 here.

The Fitnessista doesn't blog about running specifically but she blogged about exercise throughout two pregnancies.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I completely understand that there is no single consistent experience for pregnant women and exercise, which is why I specifically requested a format that allows for seeing individual experiences evolve throughout pregnancy. I'm just as interested in reading about the former 50-mile a week runner who couldn't run past week 8 as I am in the 30-mile a week runner who runs through pregnancy. It's the unfolding experience, not the summarized sentence I'm looking for.
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