Identify this film which is ruining baklava for me
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It was either in French (most likely) or German (may have had English subtitles). It was about a poor kid having grown up to be a rich man, and the story was being told via flashbacks. The detail I remember is some scenes about him being invited to a rich kid's house for a dinner. He took homemade baklava as a gift, which was looked down upon. His family may have been Turkish immigrants to this European city.

He may have been an orphan being raised by an aunt, or a fatherless kid with his mother. It was possibly a black and white film, though I can't be certain. I travel a lot, so I am not sure where I watched it. It may have been on a flight.

I know this is a really long shot, but every time I eat or look at baklava, I think of this film. And it is ruining baklava for me. So, please, help me if you can!
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Best answer: Pretty sure it's 588 Rue Paradis.

Here's the scene in question (French with English subtitles), 39 minutes into the film.
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Response by poster: I had been away from MeFi for long, so my apologies for not being able to track this question. It has been identified correctly. Thank you!
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