outlook.com: How do you get inline quoting of text when sending a reply
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Outlook.com has changed its interface and its all snazzy and everything. But I used to be able to reply to a text message and that msg would be displayed inline with angle brackets on the left hand side. This is a feature that goes back to the ancient days, but now I can't figure out how to do it with the newfangled outlook.com (formerly hotmail) interface. Help!


>my friend's interesting text

my dull and uninteresting response.
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Hm... I don't see a way to do that. Best I can do is change the option to use plain-text replies (Cog > Options > Mail > Layout > Message Format), but it doesn't insert the angle bracket when I do that.
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Outlook user here. When I want than sort of emphasis, I change the color of some of the text as seems appropriate.
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Semisalt, I tried that, but when the person I'm replying to, sends their reply back, the color of the text is removed for some reason....
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Possibly change to italics?
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Sadly that occurred to me too, Semisalt, but italics only works for the first back-and-forth, i still need a way to delineate subsequent reply texts.
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