Vancouver-filter: Bars with (free or low-cost) party rooms for booking?
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I'm hoping to organize a party with about 40 people in the next few weeks in Vancouver, BC. Ideally, it would be in a place that would have a low spend-limit, or free. Not picky about location. It would be more drinks than dinner, although I could order some apps for sharing. Does anyone have any leads or previous experience with this? I'm doing this a bit last minute and not super hopeful, but if the geniuses of AskMe can help, I would be ever indebted!
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Steamworks in Gastown/Waterfront once "rented out" (basically just reserved, with a deposit) their downstairs room to a Fark meetup, of all things. Nothing special, decent beers, can do real cocktails, ok appies. It's at Waterfront (transit hub).
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Maybe one of the old community social clubs like the Portuguese Club of Vancouver on the Drive or the Vancouver Alpen Club/Deutsches Haus at Victoria and 33rd? Not fancy but I'm guessing the cost would be pretty good.
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The Emerald.
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Best answer: One of the Legions? I organized a large group outing at the Legion on Commercial Drive- it was a perfect dive bar that could easily accommodate a large group, if that's your thing. Cheap crappy beer. They let you bring in your own food, which worked well for us. And there's pool/darts/etc which was a hit.
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