The Calendar Application That Doesn't Exist...
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I teach adjunct at different colleges. I maintain a calendar for students (and me!) that tracks links to notes and videos and "here's what we did in class" summaries. You can see it here. It's done manually in Google Docs and I move the months to the bottom when the month ends.

I really want their to be something I can use online that will allow me to do this so I can stop having to create the months and then move them. I know I can do some version of it in Google Calendar, but it's not as informative and will be more problematic for the less tech-savvy.

I really want a 30 Boxes that allows me to type in text. Any ideas anyone?


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Google sheets? You could probably replicate something similar by doing a thirty-box grid in a spreadsheet.
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Yeah, I'm with uncannyslacks. That last line about 30 text boxes is what spreadsheets are for. There are even templates for just that.
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Great idea. Thanks.
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