Quebec City: Low-key Restaurants and Attractions
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So we will be getting away from the kids for a few days the last week in June to Quebec City. Where should we eat and what should we do to relax?

So I think we are going to be pretty exhausted and I'm not trying to plan anything particularly taxing. We may end up spending some time just reading books in our hotel room! But I was looking for suggestions on tasty, inexpensive eateries in the old Quebec City area (we are staying right next to the Citadel), and also low-key relaxing things to do, whether it's a museum or a nice walk or whatever. We are trying to keep costs reasonable so nothing too spendy. Bonus points for a romantic dinner spot since our wedding anniversary happens while we're up there.


PS. BONUS bonus points if anyone has any tips on daily parking. I'm thinking of just stashing the car somewhere for the duration (like 3 days) if there's a cheap way to do that.
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I haven't been there in a few years, but I remember Le Moine Echanson quite fondly for a mid-range really damn good intimate restaurant for two.
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I was there in February and had a great meal at L'Affaire Est Ketchup, as we saw it featured in an episode of Anthony Bourdain's show. It was very low-key hipster, but the food was incredible. Maybe not great for an anniversary dinner, but definitely another night. Dinner for 2 with drinks was $150 (very cheap compared to Toronto).

Otherwise the old town is very touristy but still great for a stroll. It's a very walkable city.
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Best answer: The old part of Quebec has a massive underground parking space. Your hotel or B&B will be able to advise you how to access it – sometimes hotel packages will even include a parking spot, so you should ask.

Unless the weather turns bad, don't stay in. You can stroll around the Plains of Abraham or one of the city's other parks, or along the boardwalk looking out on the river, find a bench or some other such place to read, at least.

Two places I've liked that are more than reasonable: Chez Temporel at 25 rue Couillard, off St-Jean Street, and Le Petit Coin Latin at 8½ rue Ste-Ursule. These are places where you can eat, or just have a croissant and coffee and sit for awhile. Along Couillard you'll find Pub St-Patrick which is also a nice place in that pseudo-Irish way, if you feel like a pint.

One place I have not checked out but might be interesting is the Morrin Centre at
44 Chaussée des Écossais. It's a library and cultural centre devoted to Quebec's anglos.

Vieux-Québec doesn't look big on maps, but it's a great place to explore on foot and you'll be surprised how many twists and turns and curious little corners you'll find.

If you get a chance, also go have a look at the Montmorency falls and the Île d'Orléans. Since you have a car you can go tool around the island and stop at the falls and it'd make a nice afternoon excursion (they're outside town, but not far).

Oh, and if you spot a Chez Ashton, have some poutine.
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I've enjoyed this restaurant as a nice not too expensive meal. This place makes good coffee, so does this one. (I spend more time in St-Roch, which is about a 20 minute, pleasant walk, and somewhat less touristy restaurants and stores.)

I second zadcat's suggestion of Montmorency falls and Ile d'Orleans.

Rue St-Jean is also very nice, including a very nice chocolate store.
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Seconding the Ile d'Orleans -- lovely day out and last time I was there we went to winery that had a nice pop-up restaurant. The island is the foodbasket for the area and is very important to locals and local history.
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Came into recommend Le Moine Echanson. Be sure to make a reservation, though. It's very small.

Have you talked to your hotel about parking? I also stayed near the Citadel and our hotel had an agreement with a nearby city lot where we could park relatively inexpensively. We didn't get the car out the entire time we were there.
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Came in just to recommend Ile d'Orleans's dipped chocolate ice cream shop.
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Without a doubt, go to L'Affaire Est Ketchup. I started going about a year after they opened, and while it's harder to get a table now, it's well worth it. [Also, when you go, be prepared for the fact that the restaurant does all its cooking on two home ranges and without restaurant-style ventilation, so it can get a little smoky in there. Still--totally worth it.]

Le Moine Echanson is also great, as mentioned above. When you're there, be sure to go into the adjoining wine shop and buy a bottle to bring home. They do their own private importation.
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A good restaurant in old Québec: Le Cochon Dingue (46 boul. Champlain). It's not that expensive and lot of choice on the menu with French inspiration. And you must try the poutine at Ashton. Best poutine ever (54 côte du Palais) and it's cheap.
For a good ice cream, Tutto Gelatto (716 rue Saint-Jean) and Chocolats Favoris (65 boul. René-Lévesque Ouest).

You can just stroll around in the old Québec: Petit Champlain, Vieux-Port, Plaines d'Abraham, rue Saint-Jean, rue Cartier. And I suggest you take the ferry to Lévis and go to the Citadelle of Lévis to look at the Old Québec from the south shore. Just beautiful!

If you want a chic restaurant for your wedding anniversary, you can go to Laurie Raphael but quite expensive. There is also the Café du Monde.


I have lived in Québec city for many years so I know that city well :)
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