Tattoo artist in NY in the Mo Ganji style
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I have fallen in love with single-line tattoos in the style of Mo Ganji, but he's in Berlin and I'm in New York.

Mo Ganji has a beautiful style that I love, and I want to get a tattoo of my cat in that style, but he is located in Berlin and I am in New York. I already wrote him to see if he would draw the design for me (he has a way to submit and ask) but I haven't gotten a response and I have the feeling that it will be a long long time before I will, if ever. So I thought I'd see if I can find someone in New York that does something similar.

I love love love the single-line, minimal, soft, fluid look of his designs, as opposed to the current 'crystal' animal look I seem to see everywhere.

Does anyone know of a tattoo artist in New York (Manhattan or Brooklyn) that has similar work? Thanks!
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A lot of high-profile tattoo artists will travel to conventions and conferences and book limited amounts of appointments while they are there. You might check out his various websites and social media or ask him directly if he plans to see clients in the US any time soon.
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His FAQ says that he has no travel plans and the commissions page says he's not doing them currently, with promises on both to make clear announcements when/if that changes, so it seems like it'll have to be a different artist.
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Response by poster: Yes I already follow him on social media for those reasons, and he isn't traveling. So any artist recommendations?
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Perhaps you can find a non-tattoo artist, commission a piece from them, and then find a tattoo shop to turn it into a tattoo for you. Here's one person on Etsy who has a similar style, in their architecture pieces.
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I dont know of any artists with that style, but i do know that social media has made the tattoo world much smaller - maybe try commenting on one of his posts or messages and asking him directly if/who he might recommend in NYC or the northeast US at least? its not like you would be depriving him of any business since you have no intention of traveling to him to get the piece done, so if he knew of and would vouch for someone i dont see why he wouldnt tell you (unless he is too busy to/disinterested in replying to his social media feeds in which case you're sol)
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I'd contact a well regarded tattoo salon, show them photos of your cat and his web page, and ask if someone there could create a tattoo of your cat for you in that style. Because you know, artists can art.
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