What are your favourite long, 'ambient' Youtube videos?
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I love this three-hour video of Bison grazing at Yellowstone. When I work from home I just have it running via Chromecast on my TV. When friends come over I stick it on as we listen to music and chat. I also love this video of a pushbike ride from the Arctic Ocean to British Columbia. What other long videos on Youtube do you like?

Particular preference is for videos without background music, so I can listen to my own tunes while the bison gruffle and snuff in the valley.
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This four hour yule log video was great for a Christmas party. We ended up putting it on several other nights as well just to have the feel of a fire.
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Slow television might also be of interest. ("Saltstraumen – minute by minute was a 12 hours live show from the world's strongest tidal current.")
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The search terms I have used are ambient, or living landscape.

If you have Amazon Prime TV, there are a ton of shows on there produced by the Window Channel that you will love. I like going to sleep with them.
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Not youtube, but a 7+ hr video of the Bergensbanen in Norway. (previously)
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Bergensbanen is on YouTube. Highly recommended.
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This might not be long enough for you, but there's a 41 min video of a water bear (tardigrade) doing it's thing under a microscope.
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You can watch dozens of nature and animal live cams as well as off-hour highlights at explore.org. They have a YouTube presence as well. Take your pick from Africa, birds, bears, oceans, prairies, cats/dogs, and more. Some of their live cams aren't linked on their YouTube page. To work around this, go to the explore.org site, find the live cam you wish to view, click the link to open it in YouTube, and save it as a YouTube favorite so that you can return to it directly from YouTube.
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Thank you for asking this question! I was just thinking about how much I love the end of CBS Sunday Morning where they play these snippets of nature with just the sounds of the scene and wishing they were longer.
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I love wandering around youtube with the "slow television" and "slow tv" search terms. None of these are as long as I like, but I have a real thing for UK canal boat videos.

You've probably already seen this, but here's a playlist of similar videos including your bison video.

Also, we learned at Christmas that this 5-hour yule log loop of Darth Vader's funeral pyre pairs perfectly with any of the Harry Potter film scores. We played that all through pre-dinner hangout and dinner, then switched to Bergensbanen after a Norwegian guest at dinner told us about it.
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Huge fan of the 12 Hour Movie channel specifically the 12 hour submarine sound effect. I have listened to the entire thing!
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There was a commercial recently about a room that Expedia built for St. Jude's Children's Hospital where you could be surrounded by video and the example they showed was a child immersed in a video of wild horses running. So maybe the company that worked on this project has more videos like that?

Expedia live-streams the world to hospitalized kids with innovative 360-degree video room
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How about Nick Offerman drinking scotch by a fire
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