Which 80's Anime/Cartoon Am I Forgetting?
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With the remake of Voltron, I've gotten that nostalgiac bite. But there's something I don't quite remember. (more inside)

For some reason I swear what I'm remembering is the original mythos from Voltron, but reading up on it clearly I'm wrong.

It's not Robotech/Macross.

Its a giant robot type cartoon from the 80s.

What I'm remembering specifically is that the giant robot was cursed to protect a planet due to a crime he had committed - against gods. Pride, maybe, so he needed to be humble?

That backstory was mostly ignored during the cartoon run.
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Can you provide any more details about the robot? Knowing if it was a combiner or what its signature attack was (and if it's the 80s there almost had to be a signature attack... the ability to fill out 2 minutes of an episode with stock footage was an ubiquitous cost saving measure) would help narrow it down.
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It's not exactly the same, but there's a vague similarity to Omega Supreme from the Transformers.
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You can try looking for it here, where I imagine it should belong, though it may not necessarily be there if it was a rather smaller seen shown: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SuperRobotGenre

I couldn't really detect find anything there. Reideen had a mech that was to guard a continent, but it came from a civilization and not gods. Ideon came to mind too, with its mech being a bit myseterious in origin, and not having been constructed by people, but I couldn't see (online, at least) any reference to the nature of the mech.
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radwolf76 - I would swear the robot looked like Voltron, so any real description I can provide might be useless. The one defining characteristic was the huge light emitting sword.
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Dalby - you may be on to something. I'm not going to say absolutely that it came from the gods.
But it was definitely some kind of deamon/god/whatever in the body of the robot, and charged with defending the planet.
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This sounds like the plot of GoLion, the Japanese anime that Voltron used as its source material (i.e., it looked exactly the same as Voltron).
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justkevin - you nailed it. that is exactly what I was remembering.
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