A long lost website - http://cnfsn.tripod.com/
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http://cnfsn.tripod.com/ existed years ago and I would love to find a copy of the site. I can recall completing it - the last puzzle was a sticking point for weeks - but since tripod.com closed I cannot find a replica anywhere. Or do you know somewhere? Thanks.

Do you remember this?
and all the challenges?

I'd love to go through it again.
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You can browse through all the pages that were archived at:
(there is a box at the top you can filter by .htm)

A quick scan of these shows one potential lead - there is an e-mail address for the site owner listed at:
Maybe it is still active?
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There is also discussion of the puzzle at http://www.gamershood.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-166.html (2 pages) with some details of the riddles and answers.
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Thanks - I did email but it bounced back as an Expired account.
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