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How do I separate posting, notifying, & consuming content on Facebook?

I would like to use extensions, services, email, and/or any other hacky thing to be able to:

- Post to Facebook without seeing notifications of prior posts and new content from my friends/ads/etc.

- See notifications of a *specific* post on my own terms, without having to see notifications of other Facebook posts and any new content from my friends/ads/etc.

The solution doesn't have to do both, one could do one and another could do the other. I'm also interested in ways to do this for Twitter and Instagram, if you know of them.
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I use Hootsuite to post to Facebook -- you never need to see anything from Facebook itself, not even past posts (scheduled posts disappear once they've been posted). This also works for Twitter.

As for filtering what you're notified on, I have no suggestions other than hiding your friends/pages/groups you follow altogether.
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The Social Fixer plugin will help a lot. Another thing I'd do is unfollow everyone who you don't want to see in your news feed. You don't need to unfriend them, just unfollow.
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I use Buffer to post to Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, it's pretty tough to do anything for Instagram outside the app. I also use the Kill News Feed Chrome extension to hide the Facebook news feed, although it doesn't eliminate the notifications menu.
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Just a heads up -- the sorts of things you are asking for are usually used by companies with no clue about social media, companies for whom having a social media presence is not a good thing. Think of company pages with bland updates, comments, posts to the page, etc, and no responses whatsoever -- "TRY OUR NEW ORANGE FLAVOUR!" "Sounds good, do you know what stores carry it in Peoria? Can't wait to try it! Thanks!" [RUDE SILENCE] [Unfollow].

It doesn't work very well when it only goes in one direction; I unfriend/unfollow people/pages who just robo-post twaddle while clearly never being on the site; it's a place for interaction, not one-directional broadcasts. It will not take too many status updates with your gran or your high school best friend commenting with genuine interest and receiving complete silence for them to think you rude, and tune you out.

(Of course you may have a very unique use for social media and nothing I've said applies; pardon, and ignore me if so. I am assuming you are an average human user of the site{s}.)
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If you use firefox, maybe this is something the adblock-related extension "element hider" could help you with. It allows you to hide certain sections of websites. It may work for you on Facebook, but I don't use that site so I'm not sure.
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