Mexico City and beyond with children?
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My family is traveling to Mexico City in August for a 10 day vacation. It will be myself, my wife, and our three boys - ages 5 years, 3 years and 8 months. We're planning to spend four days in Mexico City, two near Teotihuacan, and the rest is to be determined. What are your recommendations? Is there another side trip after Teotihuacan we should consider spending 2-3 days at before flying home?

It's our first time in this area. We're an adventurous group, but not looking for anything too strenuous. The kids handle travel pretty well (the oldest has been to 10 countries). In Mexico City, we're planning to do some normal sightseeing, take a gondola ride at Xochimilco, and visit the children's museum. In Teotihuacan, we're planning to visit the pyramids and Reino Animal. The third leg of the trip is up for debate. Ideally, we'd like somewhere more rural, but could always go back to Mexico City. We were planning to just use public transportation for the trip, but could rent a car if needed. Obviously safety is important (no cartel kidnappings, please).
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Have you already bought your tickets? Are they refundable? I'm a very adventurous traveler and I would not consider traveling to Mexico right now with the current climate. Notably, two family friends who work for the US government in international policy/international security have strongly recommended their friends steer clear of Mexico for a while (and both tend to be pretty easy going and do a lot of travel even in adventurous areas of the world)

Any chance you could go elsewhere instead?
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You could try going to Puebla!
Also, within Mexico City, you might also want to head out to Coyoacan and Frida Kahlo's house.

There's been a lot of good questions about what to see and do in Mexico City recently.

I haven't heard anything about steering clear of all of Mexico. That sounds overly broad to me. Does that include Cancun? Or Mexico City? The US travel advisory says, for Mexico City:

Mexico City (also known as the Federal District): No advisory is in effect. See also the discussion in the section on Estado de Mexico for areas within the greater Mexico City metropolitan area.
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Go on a food tour! There are plenty to choose from, but I'll put in a plug for Eat Mexico. (Full disclosure, I'm friends with people that work there). They do tours in both Mexico and Puebla.
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Hi! Chilanga here.

I suggest using Uber, Cabify or Avant instead of public buses in Mexico City. They are complicated and awful. Metro and Metrobús are ok in off-peak hours, but in a car at least you can see outside.

Seconding Coyoacán and Frida's house and Puebla for the third part of your trip. Puebla is not super rural but it is a very pretty city. The Baroque Museum and a giant ferris wheel were recently opened (the museum's building is more worth it than the contents, but still). There are also a bunch of small towns near Puebla that are worth exploring.
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Thanks for the replies, everyone! If we go to Puebla, what's the best way to get there?
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By bus, coming out from TAPO terminal. I recommend ADO or Estrella Roja buses.
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