Wall Sconce Woes
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I purchased this Wall Sconce cover in Morocco. It unfortunately does not come with a lamp base. What are my options for hardwiring something to the wall that can then be covered by this sconce?

Clearly I need to buy a fixture of some sort. I want to install it over one of these wall boxes. There are two of these sconces, and the plan is that they will sit to either side of our mirror.

The one I thought looked right, called a "lampholder," turned out to be a little too long when dropped down, essentially making the bulb light up the bottom half of the sconce.

Accordingly, I'm not sure what i'm supposed to be looking for - maybe a similar lampholder with a candleabra base instead? Or are there special bulbs and bases for this kind of application? It still needs to mount to that junction box on the wall.

If the socket is mounted perpendicular to the wall, there isn't enough clearance in the sconce to have the socket and a standard incandescent bulb - the sconce is maybe 2.5" in deep.

The lights found here and here look it's correct, but i have no idea how it's wired back there. In Morocco, they way they had these set up was usually bare electrical wires coming out from the wall hard wired to a medium base. That's a potential solution I'm willing to explore, but it doesn't feel quite safe.

* Direct links to the product you think i should buy would be ideal.
* something that throws light evenly on all sides of the sconce
* The brighter the better. LED light is a bonus.
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the wiring is pretty standard outlet box with a light fixture for a cover. About $80 each to have them wired and installed. Chug on over to your local hardware store and look at what they have hanging up. the socket is a standard size so you can buy LED lights that screw right in. Take a measurement of the cover so you know how far down the bulbs will be able to hang invisibly.
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If you drill out the center hole in the diffuser this Medium Base 2-Light Twin, Phenolic Multi-Cluster Incandescent Lampholder (Amazon) should be able to mount the shade over a pair of bulbs. If that unit is awkwardly high there is a version that is fully adjustable by changing the length of the mounting stems.

Either will mount to a flat octagon (round in shape) wall plate with a small hole in the center. You want the style of wall plate that mounts with screws rather than being held on by the fixture stud. Similar to this but flat unless your shade is really deep.

And if a regular sized buld sticks out the end look for a G14 medium base bulb. The have a shorter smaller envelope.

PS: considering you have the wall open I'd replace that carlon box with a screw on metal box as it'll provide a more secure mounting for your fixture.
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One more thing you'll need an acorn finial nut to go over the fixture stud sticking out of the shade. They make decorative ones in all sorts of colours in both plastic and metal.

And looking for those I found an example of the cover plate style you need..
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You are probably going to need to look around in a store, so you can see the insides of your options.

1. You could just buy a cheap sconce and throw the shade away.
2. You may be able to adapt your outlet box to use some sort of recessed spotlight, like this one.
3. A ceiling light, likely an LED or back-to-back socket, where you remove the shade. This one may work, depending on the width of your sconce.
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