Best Chinese food in San Francisco (with special details)
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Hi! We're going to be in San Fran this weekend and are looking for somewhere awesome to eat in Chinatown. Where do you recommend? But there's some considerations...

We is me (I'm a super adventurous eater with no food allergies), my husband (somewhat picky, has a list of food allergies including shellfish but NOT peanut), our son (two, somewhat picky, but will eat things like fried rice and chicken, no allergies) and... my mom, who is not picky but is also not adventurous at all, and whose idea of chinese food for a long time was chow mein from a can.

So we need somewhere reasonably tame, somewhat kid friendly and still delicious that's open on a Friday or Saturday!
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Here is the ten best list from Trip Advisor. The ones I've tried are all very good. The top ten list on Yelp is similar. There is more overlap on the USA Today list. Last but not least, here is the Zagats list.

My suggestion for you would be Hunan Home or House of Nanking. There are more obscure and truly wonderful places in the SF Chinatown, but I think you're the only one in your family who would be thrilled with those.
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Brandy Hos? Menu here:

Their website says: Please inform us of any food allergies. Most dishes can be modified to fit any dietary restrictions.

You can get adventurous with your order and get basics for others - they have fried rice. My only caution is that when they say hot they mean hot so if you want no spice tell them that. I like it too because the menu has detailed descriptions in english - good so that you can avoid shellfish. I love the smoked ham and garlic.

Otherwise R&G is also good.
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Yank Sing dim sum is one of James Beard's American Classics.
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2nding Hunan Home. I'm fairly picky and not a huge fan of Chinese food, but my boyfriend and I go to Hunan Home every time we're in SF and everything I've had has been great.
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I've never been to Hunan Home, but R&G covers all of your reqs.
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Yank sing is amazing.
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I really like House of Nanking on Kearny St.
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Peter Fang, who opened House of Nanking and made it famous is no longer there. His current restaurant is Fang, and it's excellent.

However, like most of the great Chinese restaurants in SF, it is not in Chinatown.

If the "in Chinatown" is a hard requirement, I'd put Hunan Home over House of Nanking pretty much any day (and I also deeply miss Chef Jia's, which was nextdoor to House of Nanking, never had a line, and was much better). I've never been to R&G.
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It may not be the best, but I've found Woey Loy Goey to be a hit with those seeking non-adventurous Chinese.
699 Jackson St, downstairs
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Sam Wo is also now reopened in a new location. Won't be the same, but it's still Sam Wo!

In the same vein, Hang Ah is the oldest dim sum restaurant in the city.
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Seconding Rash's recommendation for Gooey Louie's (New Woey Loy Goey). Old school Cantonese. If you go in there during the afternoon, it's all old Chinese men in there. Loved going there when we lived in SF. The menu is pretty broad and should be able to please everyone in your party. (It's also very affordable, so it won't kill you to over-order.) If you want to be adventurous for yourself, I'm pretty sure there was a chinese-only menu.
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