How do I separate these two metal poles?
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I have a hammock frame that I'm taking apart with the hopes of bringing it with me on a trip. The last two pieces don't want to separate and I'm out of ideas. I have tried: - standing on it and pulling - standing on it and twisting (can't get leverage) - applying an ice pack to the place where the rods are connected (it doesn't seem to help)

Here is what it looks like:
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It's hard to tell from that distance and the blurry image, but that looks like it may be welded.

What makes you think it comes apart there? Did it before? Or have they never been separated?
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What should separate from what? It's unclear in your picture how that horizontal piece is attached — it is inserted through a ring of some kind on the upright piece?

And, do you have a brand name?
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That looks like the stand I have. There should be a little button down at the base that fits into a hole on the shaft you're trying to remove. If you press that button it should free the shaft.

It might, however, be the case that the shaft twisted and the button is no longer lined up to the hole but it (the button) is applying pressure on the inside, making the pieces more difficult to remove.

I would squirt some WD40 or spray lubricant, or apply a few drops of oil in there, wait a couple of minutes, and then continue twisting and pulling. You might also want to give it a couple of whacks with a hammer, but not so hard that you'll damage the shaft.
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Blaster --> My spouse uses this stuff to unstick all the things. You should be able to get it any any big box or automotive store.

Word of warning: do not drop the bars from a great height to jar it loose. Don't ask me how I know that.
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I have a stand like that. The spring button at the joints had gotten rusty. I sprayed some WD-40, and tapped it with a hammer and the button worked and the rod came out. If it's not welded or twisted, it might just be rusted.
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WD-40 isn't really a penetrant; Kroil or PB Blaster are much more effective. You can also mix automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and acetone up to about 50/50 if you don't want to buy a commercial penetrating oil.
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A pipe wrench might help you get leverage, after you've used the lubricant.
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Blaster worked! After a single spray it easily twisted off.
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