What to do with my medical hardware
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I broke my elbow bad enough that required a plate a couple of screws. A couple of months later I had said plate screws taken out. I was lucky enough to keep all hardware and currently have it sitting in a box. The plate it's self is about 7 inches long and has a slight curve that went around the tip of my elbow, with all screws varring in length from 1 inch to 4inches . I'm looking for something creativity to do with the hardware now, any ideas are helpful. Thanks
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Attach it to a 3D printed anatomy model and display it in your living room.
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Shadow box on a mannequin arm?
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Get a skeleton, obvs.
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Whatever you do, make it portable enough that you can whip it out and ask people "Hey, do you want to hold something that used to be inside my body?"
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Bend the plate so the ends are less than two inches apart. Weld the screws to the outside. Enjoy your badass armlet/bracelet.
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Skeleton arm with plate attached, the whole thing encased in lucite.
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Heh, my jobby job is designing orthopedic hardware like that, and I have a drawer full of the stuff at home (mostly scrapped for dimensional tolerancing). I have a titanium toe plate on my key chain that's a conversation starter. I have a cobalt chrome concentric humeral head as a paperweight. I have a bunch of humeral stems that I'm looking to do something with. I have polished and unpolished radial (elbow) heads, and when I get enough they're going to be pawns in a chess set.
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I've seen some beautiful knives made out of hip replacements.

Neck knives are really in right now and come in handy more often than you'd think!
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Statement necklace!
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Have it encased in Lucite and use it on your desk.
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