Help me find this song?
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Hi. I have a really vague description of a song, and I'm wondering if it rings a bell for anyone. Looking for an 80's/90's song with the possible chorus lyric of "hush now, don't say a word." Female vocalist. I also remember some synthesizer in the song as well. I've uploaded a really bad humming version of the song you can listen to here. Driving us crazy! Thanks for your help.
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Could it be 'Til Tuesday's song "Voices Carry"?
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That was our first thought as well. But that's not it! Thanks.
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Our Lips Are Sealed by the Go Go's? "hush my darling, don't you cry....."
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The Go Go's might be it.
A longer shot could be Altered Images' "Don't talk to me about love".
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Perhaps Fun Boy Three's version of "Our Lips Are Sealed," if not the Go Go's version.

Edit: Oops. You said female vocalist.
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Kajagoogoo's"Too Shy"? It's not a female singer, but the vocalist sounds rather androgynous in this song.
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Pointer Sisters Slow Hand?
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How sure are you of that melody? For some reason I'm thinking you've got Voice of the Beehive, perhaps "I Say Nothing" mixed up with the bridge from the GoGo's "Our Lips Are Sealed". Or maybe "I Walk The Earth" "Don't Call Me Baby" or "Monster and Angels". The thing you're humming sounds sorta like several of their melodies, but not exactly like any of them.
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The clip made me think of Shakespeare's Sister - Stay for the first time in probably a decade.

The melody isn't right, and there's nothing about "hush now, don't say a word" but there's lots of talk of sleep, and plenty of synthesizer.
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Carly Simon's version of Mockingbird? - I guess any song with the lyrics "hush now, don't say a word" will probably be at least a nod to this song. Here are some others who have used it.
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It was totally a cover of Slow Hand! Gah! Thanks everyone, and especially Ideefixe. You got that easy touch.
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