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Just got a 90 day Audible trial and as best I can tell that lets me choose three books. I would like good looooong books, well read, quite possibly scifi or urban fantasy, recommendations?

I've recentlyish enjoyed Seveneves as an audiobook and appreciated the length of it. I see Stephen King has dropped two new ones, but whoever reads his books does really bizarre women's voices to the extent I can't really listen. I completely loved both the Rivers of London series and MaddAddam trilogy, but I think Atwood's stuff might be a bit short? How do I get the best value out of my trial?

Bonus-question, anything else good I can get out of my audible 3-month trial or the last week or two of my prime trial that I got it from?
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Stephenson's "Anathem" is a great, long read. William Dufris is a solid voice actor.

My absolute favorite is "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell," and the audiobook is a one man show par excellence.
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Infinite Jest is 55 hours, plus the endnotes.

John Lee is an excellent narrator. He regularly does Alastair Reynolds' and Peter F. Hamilton's books, which are generally quite long. Also, I enjoyed his reading of China MiƩville's Kraken; it's not the best book, but Lee's voice acting makes it really fun.
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I listened to a few of Louis McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan novels as audiobooks, and I really enjoyed the narrator - he had a sort of cynical voice that brought out the humor in the books.
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The Ben Aaronovitch Rivers of London series are read by the incomparable Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (link to the first), who I suspect has magical powers himself because wow is he fantastic.
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Doh, and I fail in reading comprehension. Flagged for deletion, sorry!
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To Say Nothing Of The Dog by Connie Willis is long and very funny with a solid performance.
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I listened to David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks and it was beautifully read (by multiple readers) and very well written. It's 24 hours and 30 minutes.
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Stephen King's 11-22-63 is a great audiobook, and over 30 hours long.
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For the bonus question: I think your trial membership still lets you get in on member prices and sales. There is a daily deal book which is typically under 5$ and there are regular (usually about once a month) sales, the current sale ends today and is a bunch of books for 5$/each. If you don't want to spend actual money, sometimes the sales are 2-for-1-credit, which would double your current purchasing power. Just make sure you check the expiration on your credits and your membership and don't let anything expire waiting for a good sale, since they are fairly random.
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Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (40+ hours) is one of my favorite audiobooks, and Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys (only 10 hours) is the other one.
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The Outlander series of big fat books has a narrator that I really like who handles the range of voices well. However, even with a time travel element and snippets of witchcraft, they aren't exactly SFF books, and would probably be of more interest to fans of historical fiction.
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You said urban fantasy, so how about The Dirty Streets of Heaven by Tad Williams, the first of the Bobby Dollar series? It's more than 15 hours.
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Dune is over 20 hours and good to listen to.
The Scar by China Meivelle is over 20 hours too. That's one of my favorites.

I find the most bang for buck tends to be The Great Courses by the Teaching Company. Non fiction but they can be fascinating. My favourite at the moment is the History of Ancient Egypt.
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I'd recommend Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter's The Long Earth. It clocks in just shy of 12 hours. It's also one of the few audio books I've REALLY REALLY enjoyed.
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Here are some long books I've enjoyed:

American Gods
, Neil Gaiman

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Of course, there's always the Game of Thrones series and many Neal Stephenson books like Snow Crash or The Diamond Age

If you like noir fantasy, there's the Grimnoir series.
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I enjoyed Murakami's 1Q84. It's 46 hours long, slow paced, but it drew me in.
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Loads of really great suggestions here, including stuff I've already enjoyed like Norris&Strange, best answer for now to 1Q84 for sheer length and knowing the great courses on there s also really helpful, and will add as I listen, I have a giant wishlist now for my trial. Thanks!
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So the sale thing and pure length... They have another sale now that is 2 for one credit for a pretty good selection of the Great Courses. So right now you could get Great Mythologies of the World (31 hours and 35 minutes) and Joy of Science (30 hours and 31 minutes) and end up with 62 hours and 6 minutes for one credit.
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I don't see the two-for-one credit on this, is there something I need to activate?
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It ended Thursday. The sales are always on the front page banner, usually a different one every week or two. For the two-for-one sales, you have to get the books from the sale page for it to work properly.
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Finally spent all my credits and time to mark some best answers although pretty much everything was a great suggestion and I will be checking some of them out in print! I really noticed how sensitive I am to narrators and unfortunately some real stars fell on that. After I went to finish my trial, they offered me an extra credit to stay the rest of the period, so I totalled four downloads.

My final picks ended up being: IQ84 @ 47 hours, The Robber Bride @ 20 hours, Dune @ 21 hours and last but not least, clocking in at a juicy 51 hours the newly released collected short stories (100+) of Arthur C. Clarke, bringing me to a whopping total of 139 hours of listening. Thanks to all!
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