What is this marvelous academic cap?
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I was at the UCLA graduation ceremony for the School of Engineering, and throughout the entire ceremony I was mesmerized by the academic dress that one of the professors was wearing - specifically, his cap. It was a vibrant blue, and looked like it might have been a fez, but I can't say for sure because the top rim of the cap had a blue satin fringe that extended the entire length of the cap. On top, there was a very large pompon. It wasn't a tam, it was something rigid and tall.

Does anybody know what this is, what it designates, and from where it originates? I wasn't able to take a very good picture from the jumbotron, but will post if people deem this helpful. Thank you!
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did it look like this but blue?
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This is a bit of a stretch, but your description reminds me of academic regalia of Spain.
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Dr Jose Quintans got his PhD at the University of Santiago and his academic getup looks very similar to your description.
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Could be a biretta?

blue means physics I think?
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Sometimes the more elaborate caps denote status within a university hierarchy like a president, chancellor or rector.
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You guys are amazing! Yes, it's a blue biretta. Thank you so much.
posted by queensissy at 12:44 PM on June 12, 2016

Or rather, not a biretta, but exactly as the other photos have shown.
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