Happy Forgot a Website Day!
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There was once a website called something like "You Look Nice Today" that had fake first-world-problem entries for every day, along the lines of "Happy Left Your ID at the Overpriced Bar Day," followed by little second-person ficlets that may or may not have related to the day. Do you remember what this website was actually called, and do you have a link to it (or to its archive if it's defunct)?
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Arrgh, I know what you're talking about, and think the author eventually wrote a book.
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Girls Are Pretty
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Girls are pretty was deeply weird and very marvellous. I think 'surreal and insane' rather than 'fake first world problem' was the rule though.
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I feel compelled to point out that because of this Ask I went to youlooknicetoday.com and it is full of comedy gold and win also. So thank you.
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I also thought of youlooknicetoday.com . The magical podcast from 2008 that brought together Merlin Mann, Adam Lisagor, and that other guy (Scott Simpson).
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