Help me identify two 90s punk/indie/hardcore songs (male/female duet)
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Back in Riot Grrrl days, a pen pal made me an amazing mix tape. It was 90% mostly-west coast hardcore (Los Crudos, Spitboy) and 10% Guys and Dolls soundtrack, I shit you not -- obviously the best ever. I have no idea what her name was and I don't have the tape or the liner notes, but there are two songs that were great and haunt me. Please reach into your knowledge of 90s punk and hc, and help me identify them.

They may have been local, maybe from a 7" or demo, but hopefully not. Both 4/4 time signature I think. Here's what I remember.

Song A:

Minor key, 90s emo type sound.
Snatches of lyrics -- I think may have been male/female duet.

[Something something] that all went nowhere
[something something]and I was the one wearing no crown
At least I could feel something
In my stolid state of mind
Watched as things fell out of place
And I fell far behind

I'd [something] waste my time
[some something] waste my time
[a line that rhymes]
And I fall far behind

It was more melodic/slower than actual hardcore, maybe closer to 90s emo style. Relatively slow tempo with distorted guitars and bass.

Song B:
Male/female duet, more pop-punk sound to my ear. Major key. 4/8 maybe? Again with the clear voices over very distorted guitars.

Why can't I question myself (male)
Why can't I question you? (female)
And even if I'm right (female)
Why can't you question me too (both)

You turn your back, you turn your back on me
Placing too much emphasis on authority
[2 lines here I can't remember]

It matters to me (x 8 or ad infinitum :) )

I've tried googling these lyrics periodically.
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Either of these: maybe 8Bark?
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I don't know these songs but 90s riot grrrl with boy-girl duets make me think of Huggy Bear. I don't know their whole catalog, may be worth a listen though.
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Definitely not Huggy Bear, sorry.
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