What song starts the Classic Album: Physical Grafitti documentary?
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Right as the Classic Album Under Review: Physical Graffiti documentary starts, there's a lovely instrumental playing. What is it?

Literally, it's the first thing you hear, just a build over a crowd with some quotes from sound engineers and critics layered over it. It's a bit different from most of what's on the album, I feel, but I assume it's some alternate version of something. I'd love to know what it is, and where I could hear it in its entirety.
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omg I noticed my typo too late to edit. /me sighs, scuffs foot awkwardly.
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Sorry, but does not sound like any Led Zep I know. (No way in hell did JB mic that kit!) After listening to the music over the end credits (very similar) I suspect it's just generic mood music, provided by BubbleTV

(edit: can't listen to the above, unfortunately.)
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Oh, it's not even them! Well, that explains why I thought it sounded so different I suppose, though I'm a bit embarrassed. It's kind of a weird way to start a documentary about such a specific set of music, but maybe that's just me. Thanks, I think!
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