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I'm looking for examples of poets with distinctive voices. I mean their literal auditory voices. So that I can develop impersonations of them.

I do pretty good impersonations and I'd like to expand my repertoire of poets for reasons even I am not quite clear on.

The only good examples I have are Charles Bukowski (a pretty ideal example) and Seamus Heaney. Who else has a very distinctive speech pattern, accent, poetic voice (as in style), etc.?
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T.S. Eliot
Wallace Stevens
Alan Ginsberg
Frank O'Hara

Most poets reading are intrinsically interesting and unusual.
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I always thought that Richard Brautigan had a very distinctive style. You can hear him reading some of his own poetry in a few different recordings which you can find chunks of on YouTube.
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Maya Angelou

One cannot listen to Maya Angelou without knowing that it is her.
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Ezra Pound. Jack Kerouac.
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Gil Scott Heron
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..Does spoken word count? Like Saul Williams? or Anis Mojgani?
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My grad school friends and I used to occasionally do impressions of Sylvia Plath.
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Dylan Thomas
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John Cooper Clarke, the Bard of Salford
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Benjamin Zephaniah
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Edith Sitwell
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In John Gardner's novel October Light, one of the characters does an imitation of Robert Frost:
"Exactly," Mr Hernandez said happily, "or these wonderful tight-mouthed New Englanders." He flattened his voice and pitched it somewhat higher, mimicking Robert Frost: "Wheah had ey heahd the wind befoah / Change like this to a deepah roah?" He laughed, delighted at his own performance. "It's a language I'd hate to see die," he said.
If you want to add Frost to your repertoire, there are plenty of recordings out there, and you can even compare early Frost with late Frost to hear how his accent thickened as he grew older.
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Oh God, Al Purdy for sure. He's very satisfying to imitate and he was a terrific poet, too.

At The Quinte Hotel
On Being Human
Necropsy of Love

Trailer for the documentary Al Purdy Was Here, in which you can see archival footage of the man himself.
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Dorothy Parker
or, if you want to go cheesy, Rod McKuen (please do an imitation of him!)
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Irving Layton
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Seconding Gil Scott-Heron. Also, there is a good full reading of Ginsberg doing Howl out on the internet. I'll see if I can find the site, they had a ton of other readings, IIRC.
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First reading of Howl

Not the one I was thinking of, but outside of the famous opening line, I think a lot of younger folks don't know what he signed like or what it's about.
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Mostly known as a singer, but I consider this a poem: Tom Waits - What's He Building in There?"
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William Carlos Williams has a pretty distinctive east coast nasal inflection which, when combined with the semi-staccato prosodic meter of much of his work, makes it fairly easy to imitate/parody.
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Shel Silverstein.
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Yusuf Komunyakaa ("Ode to the Maggot" is one of my favorites)
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Paul Durcan of course.
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John Berryman seems like he should be imitable.
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