What is this coin/token?
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We were letting the kids dig through our mountain of foreign coins today. They came up with this one and we have no idea where it's from or what it is.

Link to photo of the coin: http://flechtnerfamilyschool.com/pics/coin.jpg

It's silver colored and about the same size as a quarter. Obverse and reverse are exactly the same. Anyone know? Thanks! :)
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It's Japanese katakana and says maruhan.

Dont know what it means though.
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You're holding it upside down - it says MARUHAN in Japanese. Google says that's a pachinko company-- a sort of slot machine. So it's a slot machine token.
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Quick googling suggests it may be a pachinko game coin

It is not yen currency.
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Ah ha! It's a pachinko token! :D Thanks, AlexiaSky!
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That was quick! Thanks so much! :)
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