Which classic book cover uses this typeface?
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I'm going nuts trying to remember which piece of classic literature/famous book cover uses Lydian: https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/mti/lydian-mt/pro/

My two best guesses, Mockingbird and The Good Earth, were close-ish (not very), but the famous cover I'm thinking of uses this exact font. It was designed in 1938, if that helps to narrow it down... The O, S, and R in particular are triggering the memory.
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Sorry, here's the link.
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Here's a gallery of Lydian in use. Maybe Finnegan's Wake?
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Finnegan's Wake?
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Well, I'm going to assume it wasn't that famous novelization of Friends.

Finnegan's Wake seems most likely, but I'm going to put the lesser known classic, John Fante's Ask the Dust, out there as a candidate (1, 2).
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Also kind of out there, but you mentioned O, S and R in particular as triggering your memory: John Dos Passos' Number One.
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Ah, Homer Price for me.
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Nancy Drew covers? E.g. here
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Beverly Cleary's books used this font. I believe it to be fairly common for books of the mid-20th C.
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I remember this one from Alan Paton books re South Africa. At my house, Cry the Beloved Country used Lydian, but I see Paton's book has been reprinted >50 times, so the chances you saw it as well as fairly slim.
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