Help me remember this Irish / Scottish novel!
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I read a lovely Irish or Scottish novel between ten and fifteen years ago. It was a newish paperback at the time, greenish-blue cover. The title was long and obscure. The novel centers around a retired woman -- maybe she was a schoolteacher?

I'm looking for new books on Audible, and I'd love to find something similar to this relatively short novel. I can't remember the story or the main characters, but there was something charming and quiet about the storytelling I can't quite forget. I know this is a long shot, but I hope someone out there knows what this is!
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Was it something by Lillian Beckwith?
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Was it Evening Class by Maeve Binchy? The title's not long or obscure but her writing could be described as charming and quiet. She has several novels and books of short stories. Even if it's not the exact book you're looking for, I highly recommend her writing!
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Could it be The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Society?
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I immediately thought of the Sunday Philosophy Club books (set in Edinburgh, featuring Isabel Dalhousie) - they all have long strange titles - but I'm not sure the covers fit your description.
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Was it My Dream of You?
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A Green Journey?
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