Modern day homage to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers?
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I recently started watching the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and really enjoyed the homage to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, "Settle for Me." Please help me find more like this--contemporary (within the last couple of decades or so) song and dance numbers that pay deliberate tribute to this style.

I've tried searching Youtube (using terms like "Fred Astaire" "Ginger Rogers" "tribute" "homage" "modern" "contemporary") but keep coming up with classic clips of Astaire and Rogers set to contemporary music, which is not what I'm looking for. I'm also NOT looking for things like this (enjoyable as it is) because the dancers aren't singing, just dancing to a soundtrack.
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I'll Never Tell from the Buffy musical episode. No, really.
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This clip from the Drew Carey Show isn't quite what you're looking for because they're not actually singing, but the way it's set up, you're supposed to sort of believe it's them singing about the joys of a new, large refrigerator. They're not just dancing to a random love song or something.
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And now that I'm looking deeper, The Drew Carey Show has some clips where they're both singing and dancing - but the dancing isn't always Fred and Ginger style. If you search "Drew Carey Musical Number" on YouTube, you'll get a bunch of results. Some of them may be what you're looking for.
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You might enjoy Icepixie's fanvids; she has several Astaire/Rogers celebration vids. They're quite lovely, especially "Happiness".
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Oh, wait, I see, that isn't what you want. My apologies.
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Thanks everyone! The Buffy clip is definitely the kind of thing I'm looking for, though the Drew Carey clip does come close.

(I've never seen that episode of Buffy and I think I might have to now.)
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Fun fact: the guy in your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend clip did Hans in Frozen.
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There's no singing but this number from Burn The Floor is an homage. (BtF is a broadway/touring show. There are some sequel shows too.)
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I'm not sure this is exactly right, but this musical number from late season 2 Agent Carter is fun (no particular spoilers or need to have followed the story). It's been too long since I've watched any old musicals, so I'm not sure if Enver Gjokaj's song/dance in the beginning is styled after Fred Astaire or Bing Crosby or Gene Kelly, but it's almost certainly one of those three at least! This might be generalized "Hollywood musical" style than specifically Astaire/Rogers though.

The Buffy episode mentioned above is fantastic, and I highly recommend it.
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