Simply, good-quality digital photo printing?
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I have hundreds of digital photos that I would like to make photo album-sized backup prints (in a handful of cases, 8x10s) of. In the past, I've used Snapfish, but I've never been happy with the quality of the color reproduction, and I want to do this right.

I've looked at White House Custom Color (recommended here in the past), but they require you to use their proprietary software, which is not Linux compatible, to submit orders, and I don't feel like buying or borrowing a new laptop just for this job. What are your recommendations, hivemind?
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I think Mpix is consistently ranked high in terms of quality. I don't have a Linux computer to test their site, sorry, but I think it's a java applet?
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I've also heard good things about AdoramaPix.
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You can order from WHCC through ftp. You might need to actually talk to them, but I think you need to do that to set up an account anyway (maybe? I've used them for years so it's been a while). Most professional labs will allow ftp uploads, or at least they did as of a couple of years ago.
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+1 to Mpix.
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Another vote for mpix.
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I've used both Adorama and Mpix and both are great quality and much, much better than the snapfish/shutterfly type sites. Adorama also has great albums.
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Many Costco locations print on traditional photo paper, and you can get color calibration profiles for their printers.
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