Camp Hero State Park After Dark?
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Is getting a fishing permit the only way to be allowed into Camp Hero State Park after sundown? And if so, are there any other spots nearby that'd be just as good for astrophotography?

I'm going to be staying about 20 minutes away from Camp Hero over the weekend and I was planning on doing some astrophotography if the weather ends up being clear enough. Originally I was thinking of finding a spot on the beach or above the bluffs, and also trying to get some shots of the lighthouse if possible. There's also all kinds of cool stuff within the park. But it looks like it closes at dusk, and while you can go in after dark with a fishing permit, it seems those are only sold at certain times during the year, this not being one of them. So what are my options? Am I okay if I stick on the beach and don't actually enter the park? Where should I park? Is there another spot nearby that'd work just as well or maybe better?
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Call the park rangers. They will be glad to help you and know all of your options for that park.
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According to this light pollution map, Hither Hills is just as good as Camp Hero for stargazing. What's more, there to appear to be stargazing permits sold specifically for Hither Hills.

However, the cut-off date for buying a stargazing permit for this year was the same as the cut-off date for a fishing permit (April 30). So this doesn't help you per se, but I figured I'd include it in case anyone else finds this answer at a future date.
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I'm pretty sure I ended up in Camp Hero at something like 2 or 3am in the morning when I was doing my little Montauk Project conspiracy trip (aka just driving to Montauk Point and Camp Hero). Of course I didn't get out of the car and it was February but I don't remember any signs or fences. Maybe that's changed? This must've been almost a decade ago.
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