One night in Western Massachusetts- where should we stay?
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We're driving from Boston to Lake Algonquin over the next few days and need to stay somewhere along the way tomorrow night. What's lovely in Western Mass?

I'm travelling with my Memaw, Mom and husband - we like antiques, flea markets, scenery, bodies of water, cabins, and pretty much anything else that you imagine would please a nice old lady. We could just book a standard hotel in a city on the highway but I wanted to check in - is there anywhere particularly adorable or beautiful that we should check out? Thank you!
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I enjoyed the night I spent at Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge a few years ago.
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Shelburne Falls.
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Porches in North Adams is Adjacent to MassMoCA (museum of contemporary art):

Northampton and Amherst are both cool, small college towns with fun shops and restaurants. The Hotel Northampton and the Lord Jeffrey Inn are in the heart of both, respectively:
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These are all good suggestions. You might also enjoy the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst, or the various historic homes in Berkshire County. You can drive to the top of Mount Greylock and get a great view if the weather is clear.

I've spent most of my life in this end of the state, and I'm glad to answer more questions here or in MeMail.
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If you stay in Amherst or Northampton, you'll only be a few minutes from the Olde Hadley Flea Market on Sunday morning:
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Stockbridge is right off the Mass Pike and just the kind of place you describe. Note: that it is a popular tourist town, and accommodation can be hard to find, especially on nights when there is music at Tanglewood.

Any of the college towns might serve: Williamstown, Northhampton, Amherst, South Hadley.
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Chiming in to say you can't go wrong with Northampton or Amherst. But depending on the route you're taking, if antiques are your jam, you should try to at least drive through the Brimfield/Sturbridge area - antique stores for miles!
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Thank you guys so much, especially for that flea market recommendations! We've booked a place in Northampton - you guys have saved me so much hassle!
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If you're staying in Northampton, it's a short drive east to the Quabbin Reservoir, a body of water so pleasant we always take visitors there: site, Wikipedia, Yelp, Friends of Quabbin. I also second Songdog's recommendations, especially the Emily Dickinson Museum (just across the river) if it's the kind of thing your party is interested in.
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