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Difficulty: teenager. I'm visiting my family in France for the first time in a while, and we're going to Paris. Does anyone have recommendations for not-terribly-expensive restaurants a 13 year-old girl will be okay with? When I'm in Paris I rarely visit the same places twice other than L'As du Fallafel in le Marais, which obviously I'll recommend to them. We'll be close to Le Centre Pompidou.
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What does this thirteen-year-old girl like? They're just as diverse as other people. You seem to think that her age and gender are relevant here; what kind of information about her tastes are you trying to communicate?
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When I was a little younger than that I lived in Paris and loved: steak frites basically everywhere; all kinds of North African food from the various inexpensive restaurants near where some friends of ours lived on the Left Bank; there was a fantastic Chinese restaurant near our flat....

You can get almost every kind of food at every kind of price point in Paris. So, yeah: What kinds of things does she like? Does she have any particular dietary restrictions? Allergies? Etc.
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I have a recommendation if she is into sci-fi.
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Im going to be a little lazy and copy/paste my recommendation from the last Paris eating question, because its just. so. good.
You really, really really should go to East Mama. Its the best Italian (i know, you are in Paris, but go with me here) food I have ever had, we considered going back a second time (we were only there a weekend) and we still talk about it (we were there in July) .

Everyone was super nice and welcoming, our server was great, and got us "secret pizza" (if you get someone nice...try to see if they will do it for you). I cannot rave about it enough. I mean, seriously, just check out their instagram (which, i still follow....even though I have no plans of going back to Pairs anytime soon)
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13 year old me would have loved the food at Chameleon. It's a very untouristy restaurant, near Republique, and you might not see crowds of people. However, the food was easily the best I had in Paris, and I ate really well. It's a 3-4 course prix fixe - you can decide if she will be able to handle that. However, the restaurant was quite casual, not fussy at all. Just great value.
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I recommend the very affordable and tasty Chez Hannah all the time. Also in the Marais, easy walk to Pompidou. I've taken my kids here a few times over the years, and it's always a hit.
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I had a fantastic meal at Sourire this week, like French tapas. Cool restaurant too that 13 year old me would have been impressed with!
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Ok - this is for if she wants french food but isn't feeling adventurous. Le Relais de l'Entrecote serves just steak frites. You stand in line until it opens, you pile in at 7pm when the doors open and are directed to a table. You tell them how well done you want your steak and what you want to drink. Then the unlimited amounts of steak frites come out. It is an odd experience in France, but we enjoyed ourselves. Thee is always a line to get in, so it's a better experience to get there around 6:45 or so and wait in line for the first seating. It's about a 20 metro ride from Centre Pompidou .
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L'Artisan du Burger is a good burger place that's only a few blocks from Le Centre Pompidou.
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La Chaise au plafond and Les Philosophes are two neighbouring restaurants in le Marais run by the same owners. Very good, classic, French.
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Cafe breizh for crepes is my suggestion!
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Seconding Cafe Breizh! I forgot that we loved that place and it would be perfect for a 13 year old.
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Chartier (for the ambience more than for the food).
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