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I'm off to Germany in a few weeks and would like to ensure that I have available data there. What's the best way for a UK person to have a gigabyte or so mobile data for a week in Germany?

I will be using a dual sim Moto G and currently have a giff gaff sim.
Ideally I'd like to be able to land and be up and running straight away because I'm going to a small airport then a train journey before even getting to the hotel.
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If you sign up with - they will post a sim card to you (to your hotel in Germany at least) but may post internationally if you ask - I would try calling and asking (if you don't speak German, just ask if they speak English, most call centres in Germany have someone who does). You can top up via UK bank card on the website (just use chrome and auto-translate the page - I never had any issues doing it this way).

The "1Gb Flat" for 10€ will get you 1Gb of data valid for a month.
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FWIW, Giffgaff reduced their EU roaming costs a couple of months back, so worst case, if you don't manage to get hold of a German SIM, you'll be paying 4p or 5p per megabyte (lower rate is "with a plan", which I think just means having an active goodybag set up). A gigabyte of data would be around £40-£50; not pocket change, and pricier than a German SIM, but not the horrifying £5000 it would cost you to use that much Giffgaff data outside Europe, or even the £150 or so it would have cost you if you'd made the trip six months ago.
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Oh, neat. Thanks.

So 3 had a deal on that let's yo use services for basically the same price as here, but their deal does not include Germany. Boo!

I've picked up an O2 sim with a travel deal on, which gives me 100mb a day for £1.99 Still terrible, but about half the price of giff gaff.
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