Energetic, melodic drum and bass recommendations?
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I'm looking for some good, exciting drum and bass to listen to as I exercise. The problem is, I'm looking for a specific type, and I don't know what it's called or how to find it.

Specifically, I'm looking for stuff that is generally melodic and pumping. Not angry or aggressive, not introspective and laid back. Stuff that makes you (er, me) want to sing along. The two artists that I know are exactly what I'm looking for are Danny Byrd and Brookes Brothers. I've checked out other Hospital records artists, but while a lot of them are great, they generally are more introspective and laid back, and not as buoyant and excited. Checking out Youtube mixes for "liquid drum and bass" or "vocal drum and bass" gives me some lovely stuff but not the pumping stuff that gets me energetic. Jump Up, Brostep, and the like are too aggressive and don't have enough melody to keep my interest for more than a minute or two.

I tried this recommendation engine, but while the stuff it recommends is nice, it isn't the melodic and energetic stuff I'm looking for, either.

So are there certain artists or subgenre names I should be using to find the Danny Byrd-like stuff I'm looking for?
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London Electricity's Syncopated City (2008) might fit the bill. My favourite tracks from that album are Uska and South-Eastern Dream, but of course ymmv.

(I had a whole thing about Hospital in general but you're already aware of them and reading comprehension in the morning is not my strong suit)
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Here's Syncopated City, which brought to mind High Contrast (High Society album playlist). Netsky's self-titled debut might also fit.

While looking for good albums and mixes, I stumbled on Camo & Krooked - Best Of, which I'm digging, but might be a bit slow in parts for you.

You might benefit from finding mixes you like, then tracking down those individual artists and the labels that released their tracks. For instance, here's London Elektricity's Essential Mix from 2008, with tracklist in the description.
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The sub genre you are looking for is called liquid funk. Hospital Records which is the home of High Contrast and London Elektricity mentioned up thread, is a good starting point, I believe they have put out many compilations through the years. Another producer/dj to research is Marcus Intalex, I believe he runs a label called soul:r which might yield some other results.
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Also check out the fabric club web site. There are a number of drum and bass mixes from liquid style djs including Marcus and then you can look up artists off the track lists for further exploration.
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