Can you identify this song about Creole and Cajun cooking?
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There is a song that plays sometimes on the WWOZ-2 radio stream, which doesn't post playlists, and it has proved impossible to Google because all search term combinations just spit back a bunch of recipes.

Lyrics include:
"Creooooole cajun cooking / jambalaya crawfish shrimp and pecan pie"
"Catfish blackened real good and that's no lie"
"So your wife is a health nut, spaghetti's all she can make"
a line that is just basic gumbo instructions "...add some file powder"

The genre is...hard to describe, it has accordion noises like zydeco but also definitely some saxophone and rock-lite guitar.

Things it is NOT:
The Gumbo Song by Jimmy C. Newman
Jambalaya by Hank WIlliams

Please help! I keep thinking I can mash together just the right search and it is not working.
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Have you tried contacting them? I really don't think Google is going to get you anywhere here.
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You'll be pleased to know that this post is already showing up as the only hit for quote-enclosed searches on some of the strings above.
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It doesn't hit the exact lyrics but the same sentiment, "I will play for Gumbo"?

If you're accurate on the lyrics i'm 99.9% sure it's not the right song but maybe it'll jog your memory.
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Do you have smart phone? Apps like Shazam will listen to a song try to identify it for you.
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Response by poster: I haven't contacted the station -- the stream is automated and doesn't have scheduled programming with specific show hosts, so there's not a particular person to ask. I hoped somebody might just... know it, but I'll send a note to the general station email if I must.

It isn't "I Will Play for Gumbo," although the sound is very similar; the song I'm looking for is a little faster/twangier.
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Oh definitely contact the station. WWOZ is the kind of station that will help you out with this, I'm pretty sure.
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Response by poster: Well, I emailed the station about a month ago now but haven't heard anything back. I guess this song will remain a mystery for the time being -- thanks for all the suggestions!
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