How do I create an automated copyright line in WordPress?
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I'm still a novice at WordPress, and I know next to nothing about PHP, so forgive me if I use the wrong terminology for anything. How do I make a function that displays an author's name and the year to automatically generate a copyright line?

I'm working on a site with content produced by multiple authors. Each author's name is stored as a WordPress category (there's probably a better way to have done this, but it can't be changed now). I'm trying to create a function that will automatically produce the following text string, so that I can insert it into the footer of every post:


Thank you!
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Under the Berne convention you don't need to do this. Copyright is automatic unless explicitly waived. There doesn't need to be a copyright notification.
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In the loop, use the code
Copyright © <?php the_date('Y'); ?> <?php echo get_the_author(); ?>

Or if you're really stuck with the category ..

In the loop, use the code
Copyright © <?php the_date('Y'); ?> <?php the_category(', '); ?>

Function reference from Codex -

StackOverflow about the_category -

Some tips for multiauthor blogs -
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Don't put a copyright for each post (e.g. in the loop), put it in the footer.php of your theme.
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That did the trick! Thank you, kellygrape!
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