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I am trying to find a song from a Bollywood movie. Please hope me if you can, based on the little I remember. Difficulty: I don't speak Hindi.

The movie would have come out 2004-2007, and I think I remember it was about a young couple in an arranged marriage getting to know each other over time. The song was an upbeat dance song, but not a bass-heavy club song or anything like that. It had a longish title, 5-7 words, and here's the part that might actually help you help me -- it reminded me of Mere Sarpe Dupatta from Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo -- I had them in the same playlist on my (dead!) iPod.

Thanks for any help you can give me!
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Your other song sounds vaguely like Chunnari Chunnari to me, which was on the Monsoon Wedding soundtrack from 2001.
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Thanks Norm, but I am totally certain that it was a Bollywood movie song.
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Here's the thing: unfortunately, what you have described is the plot line to several (hundred) Bollywood films, so that actually is the least helpful thing about your description. :P And the song unfortunately sounds like basically every song from a Bollywood film in the aughts. (Pop song trends go in waves there, as they do here.)

HOWEVER, I grew up watching these movies and wrote about the industry in film school so I might be able to help you narrow it down IF you remember any of the actors OR where it was located (if the plot took place somewhere outside of India). Do you happen to recall either?
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I mean, it could be any number of songs. But after reading your question and then going to do the dishes, this was the song that I found myself humming: Sar se sadak gayi teri chunari.

So... maybe?
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Also, FYI, Chunari Chunari wasn't originally from Monsoon Wedding -- but from a Bollywood film called Biwi No. 1. So, it still fits that criterion.
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It was a male singer.
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With an assist from a female singer.
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Teri chunariya dil le gayi?
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Thank you guys so much for the song suggestions! I do love those songs, but they are not the one I'm thinking of.

The lyrics were about getting to know each other and falling in love -- yeah, THAT narrows it down, I know! The sound of the song just reminded me of Mere Sar Pe Dupatta.

The main jodi were not superstars at that time (2004-2007), that's all I remember about them. I didn't see the movie, so I couldn't say where it was set.
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Was it one of the songs from Saathiya?
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