How do I coffee?
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Staying at an AirBnB and they provided a French press which I've never seen before and can't quite figure out how to use. The plunger has two separate filter-y parts and most perplexing is the fact that there is no spout, so if you put water and coffee in the main part and press it as usual there seems to be no way to pour your coffee (you can try to pour, but only a thin dribble comes out).

Here's a picture! The brand is Bialetti if it helps, and it's fairly large -- holds about thee cups of water.

Am I supposed to put the grounds and the water above the filter and pull up and pull the whole top part out? Put the grounds between the two filters somehow? Hope me, metafilter!
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Best answer: That's not a French press, it's a milk frother jug.

You put hot milk in the jug, then pump the "filter" up and down to aerate it to make foamed milk for cappuccinos.

Don't put coffee in it, it might clog/stain it. I'm assuming that if they have this then there's some way to make actual coffee nearby.
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Yep, milk frother.
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On review, my last comment about not putting coffee in it was probably overcautious. I mean, you shouldn't (and it won't work anyway, as you've discovered), but if you already have then just rinse it off.
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Response by poster: Ah, thanks!!
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My guess is that there might be a moka pot for making coffee somewhere in the apartment.
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Response by poster: Update: this apartment contains three Himalayan salt lamps and, apparently, a milk frother, but no device to make coffee. However, despite dire warnings, I have become an expert in making coffee with a milk frother. Must be all the negative ions charging up my chi and increasing my creativity.
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