Fashion emergency! Underclothing for see-through dress TODAY!
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I want to wear this dress to a wedding this weekend, for which I am leaving tomorrow. I just realized this thing is totally see through and I don't even know what to look for to wear underneath due to the cut of the dress. Help!

This dress is great but incredibly sheer even though it's 2 layers. And it's short - above my knees.

I'd wear a slip but it's not cut for one, I can't even wear a bra with straps with this. NB it's going to be hot as fuck where the outdoor wedding is.

What am I looking for? Is there such thing as a slip w/o straps? I am seriously fashioned challenged, AND have to get something today in Seattle.

Please help me!
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Strapless slips exist! I can't speak to how great they stay up, etc.
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Not what you asked, but unless you're the one getting married or a bridesmaid asked to wear that color, it's generally considered bad etiquette to wear white/ivory/champagne color to a wedding. If you have another dress option, wear it.

That said, of course there are strapless slips - here's one from nordstrom. You could also do like a bandeau top and a half slip (shortened as necessary)
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You can definitely get a strapless slip. Also, maybe a nude half slip and a nude strapless bra? Or Nude bike short underwear and nude bra
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You could do a stick-on bra and a shaping garment down bottom, both in suitable nudes for your skin tone.
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Call Nordstrom and see if they have either a convertible strap slip (for a halter configuration), a bodysuit type thing with halter or no straps,or something else to preserve your modesty. They'll probably set a few things aside.

Outstanding dress, by the way.
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Why not wear a half-slip? Or nude underwear? Or is the issue that you can see bra and underwear lines through the dress?
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I think a halter slip (something like this) would work. I'd head to a large traditional department store: Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Macy's. Bring the dress.
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You could wear something like this and a strapless bra (although that could be super hot).
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I also gasped at the color (my wedding is coming up and this is totally a bridal after party dress. I would be steamed and I didn't think I was a bridzilla).

Go with spanks / control top panty hose and no undies on the bottom it will make you feel more confident about the short length.
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I would take it to a higher-end store (Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's) that have lots of friendly salespeople who will help you out and hopefully have experience in similar situations for other customers. Explain your situation, and they should be more than happy to ply you with solutions.

That's a gorgeous dress, by the way. Have an excellent time!
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Nthing you can't wear that color to a wedding. Maybe put a colored sweater over it.
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Get thee to Nordstrom with the dress and explain the situation. Their lingerie staff at the flagship store helped me with a similar problem last summer. The solution was a strapless bra with a shaper that extended all the way up to said bra. Solved in no time.
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Thanks all so much! Awesome ideas, I feel relieved having some choices!

PS - the dress isn't white, it's really dusty pink, and the bride is wearing red so I feel safe. :)
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You can totally wear that to a wedding. Fleshed colored half slip and strapless flesh-colored long-line bra.
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Fast way to solve this, and this is what I would do, FWIW:

If you have the ability to do so, get the cheapest nude slip you want to buy and then basically attach it with simple stitches to your bra, cutting off the straps and so forth. You can trim the slip to whatever length you need (usually they won't ravel or do much at all when you cut them shorter). This is especially a useful trick if you like your bra and don't want to wear a shaper, and just want an opaque layer.

BONUS if you want to warm it up by having a pink or red or whatever color slip underneath, you can experiment with that for like, FOUR AMERICAN DOLLARS.
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Agree with Medieval maven that it may be easier/cheaper to just get any kind of nude slip and then sew it to your bra. I feel like if you wear a shaper slip you'll still look kind of naked under the dress.
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I thought "oh, brilliant!" at the idea of seeing a slip to the dress, then I looked more closely at the dress. I think it's so light a floaty that if you attach something to it, it will pucker and hang funny at the attachment points. I think you need a convertible strap slip so it hangs under its own weight and the dress can float above it.
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Oh, sorry, I misread. If you're attaching to the bra, it's worth trying, assuming it doesn't bunch up funny anywhere-- that would likely show if it's so sheer.

If it were me and I didn't have time for the first attempt not to work, I'd probably take it to Nordstrom so you can ask for help and try it on and be confident your solution will work while stores are still open instead of trying to sew it tonight after everything is closed.
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The other advantage to Medieval Maven's suggestion is that pretty much every Goodwill store will have something that would work.
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You can likely wear a bra with that. Just get the plastic things to make the bra racer back. If you get straps showing in the front too then put one in the front. Make sure your bra straps can loosen all the way though I think a racer back nude bra should be fine and won't show in the front. I've seen you can do the same with a paper clip or safety pin in a snap. Same goes for slip straps. There are plenty of slips that are above the knee. A "cami dress" or "camisole dress" may be what you're looking for.
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Another option is a halter bra and a cheap slip that you can cut and tie the straps to be halter style. Most bras with removable or convertible straps can be halterized.
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Nthing bra + strap adjustments + cheap jersey slip dress. Specifically, H&M, Forever21, Charlotte Russe, Rainbow, all of those kinds of stores should have a variety of long spaghetti strap/cami/tank dress things for less than $10. Pick up a box of safety pins at the drugstore too, I think you could even avoid sewing, if you pin carefully from the underside.
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Just a note of warning on safety pins, from a long history of costuming: those things will open up and poke you at the worst time. I'd avoid if you can, there is no need to be worrying about being stabbed by a pin while you're dancing.
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Seconding trying to turn your fave nude bra into a racerback style using a paperclip, like this.
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Thank you all so so much. I am going with an adhesive bra and nude bike shorts that come up almost to my busy. I think I'll make it! :) :) I also have a 1/2 slip in reserve just in case. You all rock.
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