Lyrics to "Electric Boogie" (aka "Electric Slide")
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Can anyone make out the words to the rapping portions of the song Electric Boogie? They occur at 0:28, 1:40, and 3:09.
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Google Play Music reports it as:

Jiggle-a-mesa-cara she's a pumpin' like a matic
She's movin' like electric
She sure got the boogie

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If you look up the sheet music here (click the right arrow to see past the first page), the lyrics to the original are listed as:

Dig Miss Kelly
With electric belly
She's moving with electric
She sure got the boogie

Which goes against what almost all lyrics sites have the lyrics listed as, but the second line sounds WAY more like it ends in a word that rhymes with "belly" than a word that rhymes with "matic".
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One of the things I like to do when I'm trying to decipher an unintelligible bit of youtube is to slow it down. You can do this by clicking on the little settings gear in the video, choosing speed, and setting it to 0.5. Sometimes this is helpful. (But even when it's not, worst case scenario is that the thing you're listening to just got hilarious, so not a whole lot of downside imo.)

Listening at half speed, I don't think I agree 100% of either of the suggestions above. To me it sounds like this is what she's saying:

Dig that Miss Kelly
With [that plump?] electric belly
She's moving [so? low?] electric

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Yeah, the lyric sites all have the same wrong words and the sheet music is almost, but not quite, correct. Thanks for the video slowdown tip, phunniemee. Watching her lips I get

(first and third)
Check-a that Miss-a Kelly
With that pumpin' 'lectric melleh
She's-a movin' long electric

Check-a that Miss-a Polly
She's-a jiggin' and feelin' jolly
She's-a movin' long electric

I'm guessing there's some Jamaican slang there that we're missing. "Melleh?"
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(the canonical wrong lyrics come from the Angela Primm version, apparently)
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...It didn't even occur to me that the words were different every time. I was trying to resolve them into one thing that sounded like it fit. That makes a lot more sense now.
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Could "melleh" be melody?
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Bunny Wailer did a version on Solomonic Records, check that out as well and I'll give it a run through when I get back to my records, too.
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It doesn't have these lyrics.
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