Soothing musical loops
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I've been really into Swedish electro artist The Field lately. His music features a lot of slow building loops, complex layering, and hypnotic beats. I find the repetition very soothing and it helps me focus at work. I'm looking for more artists with a similar style: electro/synth, no vocals, more repetition than variation. More description within.

While I love DJ Shadow and Avalanches, as well as some ambient artists like Brian Eno and The Orb, they aren't what I'm looking for because their music is too dynamic and varied. The layering of loops is the key here; the repetition seems to both heighten my senses and help me relax at the same time.
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Does Four Tet's Rounds album work for you? It has some variation, but is also a lot of stacked loops. If so, Pause is also worth check out, though I suspect you'll find his later works too distracting or abrasive.
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Robert Miles does that for me.
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Also, maybe Fuck Buttons, though I find it too energetic to be soothing, but it reminds me a bit of The Field.
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Some Four Tet tracks work for me and some don't, but good suggestion.
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this may be a long shot, but do the necks work for you? i'm going more on the repetition than stacked loops (drive by is perhaps the most "soothing" but their other work is all in a similar vein).
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I have to say, there's nothing quite like The Field. I love his stuff so much. It hits a deep spot that nobody else in electronic music really touches.

Before he came along, there was some other stuff on Kompakt that had a similar vibe, although nothing really touches The Field. You might look into the (precious few) tracks by The Rice Twins, although they may edge into trance a bit too much for you.

Can I Say
Come To Berlin (Remix)
The Signifier
We Should Fall (Rice Twins Dub)

Otherwise for me it's been a matter of finding key tracks by certain artists rather than a whole catalog. Some more stuff I love:

Jan Jelinek - A Concert for Television (Robert Lippok Remix)

LCC - Calx (Robert Lippok Treibholz Remix)
Bill Wells / Stefan Schneider / Annie Whitehead / Barbara Morgenstern - Waft
Arto Lindsay - Mundo Civilizado (DJ Spooky Inversion Mix)
Wechsel Garland - Sn (Hessen Remix)
Aksak Maboul - Scratch Holiday
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From What.CD's Related Artists
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I really, really enjoy Jon Hopkins' "Light Through the Veins." You might also find Stars of the Lid to be up your alley.
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Black Meteoric Star (aka Gavin Russom)- in particular Dawn and Dreamcatcher. Perhaps has a little more edge than The Field.
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Maurizio - M4.5

GAS - Nah und Fern

Zoviet France - Monomishe
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What do you think of Boards of Canada?
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The closest I can think of is Pale Sketcher's Seventh Heaven, but the beats there are more aggressive. Most of his stuff isn't very loopsy but I also thought some parts of Gui Borratto's Chromophobia had a lot in common with The Field, e.g.
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Jean-Luc Ponty!
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John Talabot maybe?
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Basic Channel
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Detroit Escalator Company (videos toward the bottom of the page)
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Seconding John Talabot as well as his label-mate Pional.
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Thanks for posting this, I'd never heard The Field and wow I love Looping State of Mind on first listen. I've probably said in similar threads before, I love Tycho for this kind of thing.
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