Help me find a new call-forwarding service.
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My call forwarding service is over and done with and I need a new one. Help!

I've previously been using a very nice web-based service for call forwarding. It did great things like saved my voicemails as web-based retrievable WAV files, did web-based schedulable forwarding, call screening, simulcalled all my numbers, had a nice toll-free reachable #, and was at an affordable price. Unfortunately in the past few days it has gone totally defunct. I need a new source for this kind of service. I'm willing to live without some of the features, but call screening and web-based VM retrieval are the most desirable. I don't want a VoIP provider or Asterisk-based solution, they aren't suitable for my application. Can you recommend alternative services?
posted by arimathea to Work & Money (2 answers total) is pretty nice. If you really want to get geeky, check out
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As an aside, what was the service you had that went away? I use Maxemail...pretty basic, no major call management features, but cheap and reliable for over seven years....
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