Raising a Glass to the Tony Awards in Minneapolis
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Basically, where can I go to watch the Tony Awards this Sunday night in Minneapolis or St Paul? I must, must, must see Lin-Manuel Miranda in as real time as possible... but I don't don't don't have cable and I prefer to be in a crowd anyway. Help me be surrounded by my Hamilton people on Sunday night!
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It'll be on CBS broadcast and CBS All-Access online. SO you could subscribe to CBS All Access or go to a bar and ask them to put CBS on.
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Could you club together with some friends and rent a cheap motel/hotel room for the night?

It will be on regular old broadcast TV, so if you have a TV, you can start testing now what your reception is like.
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I may be spoiled by living in a larger city and self-stereotyping but ... gay bar?

(on train so can't do research on any local options for you)
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