Help dress my head!
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I had a lovely informal courthouse wedding. Next Friday I will be having a large formalish party thrown by my parents. I'm wearing this dress in champagne with nude pumps. But what the heck do I wear from the neck up?

I do like veils, but my dress is short and I don't much like birdcage veils as they seem a little twee for my taste. A flower crown is too hippie dippie.

I have straight, thin brown hair that goes halfway down my back. I'm pretty skilled at recreating updos on myself.

I love flowers. I am tan and have green eyes. I look best in bright colors.

Any advice ?
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Maybe instead of a flower crown, just one flower pinned into an updo or behind your ear?
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I just got married last year and I had a few blingy clips in my hair from Charming Charlie. I had the same struggle with veils/birdcage/flower crown- none of it seemed to suit me, but I'm jealous of people that can pull them off.
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A few pearl bobby pins shot through an updo would be lovely with the champagne.
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Is a fascinator your style? You can have a small-ish veil (not so much full birdcage; more like gesturing to the *idea* of a veil) attached or not, depending on your preference.
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Yes, I was going to suggest a single flower (a big one) pinned behind your ear or into an updo. I would maybe avoid a veil all together since it is not your wedding, but a reception/party.
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Something with pearls on your updo. Like this or this. Oh man... there are so many pretty ones, and I haven't found just the right one for you yet, but I need to go do other things. I trust you!
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You can search for wedding headbands and hairpieces on Etsy - they are not the sporty headbands you're thinking of, but something like this one with freshwater pearls would be beautiful.

You could also craft a much looser, subtler flower crown than you're thinking, I bet (leave out the baby's breath, for example).
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Here's a less formal one if you want to go with the breezy feel of the dress...
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I thought fascinator too - maybe one that's more hat-like, like this, this, or this?
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Congratulations! I love the dress you've chosen. This loose, flowy half-updo would look great with some of your favourite brightly coloured flowers. (Feather optional.)

I hope you can enjoy the party!
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I had something like this in my hair (not that exact one). It was in the back, holding up a half-up hairdo. It was sort of bridal-y without being like 100% veil action.
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Congrats! I wore this same dress to my wedding last summer. I wore a gold bead necklace and had my hair done in a fancy braided updo with a few bright flowers in my hair.
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I'm pretty into this bridal headband I just found on etsy. Or you could go full veil if you want to. I know it's a reception and not a ceremony, but it's your day. You said you like veils and I have to say, I thought my veil was pretty fun. I wore that sucker to brunch the next day too. So maybe try on one and if it feels right, go for it.
And congratulations!!! I'm so happy to read your update. All the best to you!
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I had a bob, and I have very thick hair, so a bit different from you, but I had a gorgeous peach-colored rose holding back one side of my hair, and the other side was down. I LOVED it!
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I like the one flower idea - like go to the florist and get the most exquisite orchid you can find - any colour would go with that dress
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A pillbox hat, in a color that goes with cream, would be rad.
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I would go with a huge-ass peony in your hair in as vibrant a shade of pink/magenta as you can find and maybe something a little off-beat around your neck and some simple fake square cut sparkles in your ears. You dress is very demure, why be mute all over? But, I am an admitted go big or go home kind of woman.
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For my wedding I took inspiration from Minka Kelly's hair at the Met Gala, and pinned two braids back into a u-shape behind my head. I then grabbed an el-cheapo Zara jewelled necklace, removed the clasps with pliers, and pinned that into the braid. It looked very 'bridal' without being the standard headband or tiara. Maybe you could try something similar? I think it could look really pretty with your dress.
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